Rivets made to order - price

Rivets have a very wide array of possible uses. They are deformable elements, which are primarily used for the coupling of two or more parts. All of our rivets are made to order.


Screws | Production and sale of screws

We produce screws to order from different materials and for several purposes. The screws can be up to 40mm long and range in diameter from M2.5 to M6. No other limitation apply.


Bolts – use and price

Bolts are protective machine elements, which are used for the coupling of different parts to produce mobile unions. With our machines we can produce custom bolts to order.


Axles made to order

At Zakrajšek d.o.o. we produce, in addition to rivets, screws and bolts, also axles. We can make them from different materials. ranging in diameter from Ø0,6 do Ø7mm and up to a length of 75mm.

Rivets, screws, bolts and axes made to order

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At Zakrajšek d.o.o. we deal in the production of metal goods and tools. Our production is primarily focused on the manufacturing of rivets (solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets), bolts, axes and screws with a metric thread. For the production and upkeep of tools we also have our own toolshop.

Zakrajšek d.o.o.'s head office and production is situated on Škofjeloška cesta 36 in Preska pri Medvodah.