In addition to screws and rivets, we at Zakrajšek d.o.o. also provide our customers with axles. We are one of the leading providers of such products in the field of metal goods producers, out advantages over others being our expertise, precision and adaptability to our customers’ needs. Our axles and other items are made to order, which enables us to accommodate your wishes and needs accordingly.


Axel shape, materials and size

Our company offers axles made from the following materials:

  • iron (Fe)
  • copper (Cu)
  • brass (CuZn)
  • aluminum  (Al)
  • aluminum-magnesium (AlMg)
  • silver (Ag)
  • inox


You can choose between different sizes. We can produce axles with a diameter from Ø0.6 to Ø7mm and a length of up to 75mm.


Axel use in construction

In general, an axel is a pole, which holds a rotary part, and is itself a part of another construct. An axel is also used when a rivet head is disruptive or not needed. If the rotary part of the product is made of rubber it can be vulcanized or cast in plastic. Because we at Zakrajšek d.o.o. produce axles to order only to a length of 75mm, they can only be part of smaller products. They can be found, for example, in switches, furniture hinges, as piston rods in smaller shock absorbers or pneumatic cylinders. The production and type of axel is adjusted to the desired use – for pneumatic cylinders, for example, the axel has to be extremely smooth.

In case of any questions that might arise, you can reach us by phone, e-mail or even in person in Medvode, where our production is situated. For the production and upkeep of tools we also have our own toolshop.


V primeru kakršnih koli vprašanj nas lahko pokličete, nam napišete elektronsko sporočilo ali pa se ogladite pri nas v Medvodah, kjer imamo proizvodnjo, za izdelavo in servis orodij pa tudi lastno orodjarno.