Bolts are protective machine elements, which are used in an array of different fields, for example, as rods in mini shock suspenders, for the affixing of shelves, in furniture hinges, the electric industry, car industry … With the use of bolts individual parts or machine elements can be linked into mobile unions, which can be disassembled at a later time.


We know two ways to use bolts when connecting two parts:

  • both parts are mobile on the bolt
  • one of the parts is fixed and immobile on the bolt


This means that the mobile parts have to be attached loosely and greased, with a bearing sleeve inserted. The immobile part has to be affixed with a strong bond.


Bolts by shape

At Zakrajšek d.o.o. we can produce an array of different bolts; their desired use determines the shape, size and material. We offer the following bolts:

  • hollow
  • with a head
  • with a thread
  • smooth


Dimensions and materials

We offer bolts in diameters ranging from Ø0.6 to Ø7mm and a length of up to 75mm. They are made from an array of materials that usually determine their intended use. We offer bolts made from brass (CuZn), aluminum-magnesium (AlMg), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al) and silver (Ag). Bolt price depends on the size, shape and material. All bolts are made to order, we take any wishes the customer might have into account. 


Bolt use

Bolts are machine elements with a wide array of uses. We use them in the car, flight and electrical industry, in the production of furniture, elevators, wagons, shocks suspenders … To make sure a bolt is safe it has to be thoroughly tested, specifically its response to:

  • shear stress
  • bending stress
  • surface pressure between bolt and bar or bolt and casing