Half-hollow screws

Half-hollow screws

At Zakrajšek d.o.o. we produce various rivets (tubular, semi-tubular, solid), axles, bolts and screws (half-hollow, hollow, metric, special …). All the aforementioned products are custom made to the customer’s wishes, which is why we make sure to be timely, precise and adaptable, so our customers always get exactly what they desire. One of the most commonly requested products are half-hollow screws, but we are also able to provide you with other kind of special screw types. The price depends on the size, material and shape of the desired screw.


Half-hollow screws made from different materials

Our company produces screws from an assortment of materials, such as iron (Fe), copper (Cu), brass (CuZn), aluminum (Al), aluminum-magnesium (AlMg) and silver (Ag). The half-hollow screws we offer are the result of our knowledge and expertise, and are made to order in our own workshop. Our long-term cooperation with certain business partners is proof of the quality of our products, our competitive prices and customer satisfaction. We are continuously expanding our customer pool, adapting to their needs and expanding out production.


Picking the right screw

Our customers generally already know what kind of screw (half-hollow, solid, metric …) or other product they need when they come to us, so we only have to set the order size and price. However, every once in a while a customer comes along, who only knows what they want to do with the product, but not exactly which screw would best fit this purpose. In such cases we talk with the customer, check in with different specialists and together find the optimal solution. Screws can be made to order in dimensions ranging from M2.5 to M6 and up to a length of 40mm.