Screws made to order

Screws are different sized cylindrical objects with a head, which are used for the affixing of one element to another or the coupling of two or more elements. The two basic activities at Zakrajšek d.o.o. are the production and sale of screws (metric, specialty screws), rivets, axles and bolts. The screws are custom made to the customer’s wishes, their shape and size depend on the intended use. The most important part of screw production is making them fit international standards, which guarantee the screws will meet the needs of certain constructs, their most important property being their strength. Quality assurance can only be achieved with regular testing and continuous service training in the field of modern technology. 


Screw shape, material and size

Our company offers metric screws made from the following materials:

  • iron (Fe)
  • copper (Cu)
  • brass (CuZn)
  • aluminum  (Al)
  • aluminum-magnesium (AlMg)
  • silver (Ag)


We offer screws made from different materials in dimensions ranging from M2.5 to M6 and a length of up to 40mm. Such screws are primarily used in the furniture and electric industry, in the production of household appliances etc. The production and sale of screws takes place on our own premises in Medvode, where out toolshop for the production and upkeep of tools is situated as well.


Metric and specialty screws

We offer screws with a metric thread (half-hollow, solid) as well as specialty screws, which have, for example, a hole in the stem. We can also produce screws that are ribbed on or below the head. Out only limitations are size and length.